• August 30, 2017

7 Ways Your Brand Should Repurpose Digital Video Content

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7 Ways Your Brand Should Repurpose Digital Video Content

7 Ways Your Brand Should Repurpose Digital Video Content

By Levitate Team

Creating digital video content is an investment. If, when all is said and done, the video doesn’t create the brand or message visibility you expected, it is frustrating. But there’s no need to focus solely on view count to determine impact. In fact, a digital video can be recycled to ensure you’re getting the most bang out of your digital marketing dollars. Here’s how:

Blog Post

A blog post is a great way to repurpose video content and improve your site’s SEO. Whether your video is a patient story, brand video, executive spotlight or something else – the message can be translated into words.


Does your video feature interesting facts or statistics? If so, an infographic is a great way to help spread that information. For extra exposure, submit your infographic to visual.ly, SlideShare or on a Reddit message board. Share your infographic to social media and be sure to include a link to the original video.

Engaging Quotes

Does the speaker in your video say something incredible? Is that person an important face of the company, industry thought leader or someone who has benefited from your brand’s work? If so, grab a quality screenshot and repurpose it as a graphic with the quote overlaid in text.


Any fun action in your video? Brief moments in your story can be repurposed into lighthearted, animated GIFs and used during social media interactions for as long as the evergreen content is valuable to your brand.

Blooper Reel

Did you use a celebrity, spokesperson or executive in your video? A blooper reel is a fun way to connect with your audience on a deeper level, humanize your spokesperson and ultimately produce extra content without investing significant time or money.

30-second Ads

Is your digital video several minutes long? That’s okay. Re-cut a 30-second version to be used in YouTube pre-roll ads. YouTube ads are hyper-targeted and will draw more viewers to your full-length video, and ultimately, your brand. Shorter content can also be uploaded natively to Twitter or used as ads on Facebook.

Audio Podcast

Did you conduct a long non-scripted interview? If so, some of that content could be repurposed into a longer podcast discussion. Simply take the talk track and highlight the most interesting moments from the conversation. Then, share that audio on your social media pages, email marketing campaigns or business website.

Have any ideas for repurposing video content that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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