At Levitate, we’re dedicated to building medtech brands that inspire, influence and motivate. Brands that rise above the noise and clutter. We’re not interested in doing good enough. We do amazing, incredible, awe-inspiring. We do the kind of work that will make your competitors itch with envy.

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It’s Time To Think Beyond



We strategize, plan, craft, design and execute influential brand identity and communication efforts so we can tell your story in a way that grabs attention and gets noticed. Levitate is a creative + communications agency.


Dream big. Do bigger. That’s our why at Levitate. When dreams come to life, something amazing happens – the starting point of change and transformation that improves lives. It isn’t just about technology and innovation, it’s about impact and achieving more than you ever dreamed possible.


It’s simple really. A smart plan and relentless execution; results that help you achieve business goals. This happens because we create partnerships built on trust. You know what you want. We know what you need.




President & Founder


President & Founder

At Levitate, we believe in dreaming big and doing even bigger. We challenge our clients to look beyond the status quo. Then we make it happen. Smart, strategic, captivating brand identity and communication efforts that influence and motivate action. BECAUSE RESULTS MATTER

We intimately understand the importance of creating a distinct and recognizable brand in the medtech industry. We are passionate about the process of defining brand attributes and crafting messages that resonate with the audience you need to influence. BECAUSE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE IS THE ONLY AUDIENCE THAT MATTERS

We create connection and we do it by diving in and getting to know your target audience. Needs, wants, perceptions, motivational factors – this understanding is the foundation of everything we do. Then we take off and make your goals come to life. That’s what we live for. BECAUSE YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS




Your brand identity is the first interaction audiences experience. It must entice, engage and connect. It is a representation of your ethos, values, mission, products and leadership. We know how important brand identity is and we know how to create, revise and manage brands that demand to be seen and remembered.

  • Corporate Naming
  • Corporate Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Product Naming
  • Brand, Logo, Fonts, Guide
  • PowerPoint Templates


We ask questions, learn, think, research, strategize and ask more questions. Planning is how flawless execution happens. We get to know your business so we can provide strategic counsel that helps you educate, influence and motivate action within your target audience. We develop messages, determine the right mix of paid/earned/owned content needed, media train executives, plan for crises, identify tradeshows to attend, and just about everything in between help you achieve results that drive the success of your business.

  • Industry Research
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Messaging Development + Workshops
  • Marketing Communication Plan Development
  • Crisis Communications Planning
  • Planning and Messaging for Strategic Events – IPOs, M&A Activity, Product Launches, etc.
  • Spokesperson Training

Content Creation + Marketing Materials

Social media + digital marketing are direct channels to your audience. Meeting your audience where they are and being a part of the conversation. It’s an opportunity to communicate and reinforce your message. Sounds easy. But it’s not. Post copy, graphic design, posting times, engagement efforts, cultivating the target audience, identifying ad targets – we do it all so you stay connected with your audience every single day.

  • Marketing Collateral (Print/Digital)
  • Tradeshow Booth Design
  • Product Photography
  • Internal Communication Materials
  • Brand, Logo, Fonts, Guide
  • Executive Communication
  • Bylined Articles
  • Digital Product Overview Segments
  • Expert / Exec Digital Segments
  • Corporate Brand Videos


PR is undeniably the grittiest, most determined and potentially effective effort in the realm of marketing communications and advertising. And, it’s not always well understood. PR is about someone else saying you are great. It isn’t self-serving. It has no relationship to ego. PR is about credibility – creating a foundation for sustainable success. PR enables you to reach your target audience and build relationships through influential journalists, bloggers and experts. It validates and influences like nothing else. Through effective PR, Levitate brings your business to the front and out of the clutter.

  • Ongoing Trade, National and Regional Media Outreach
  • Press Release Development
  • Expert Profile Development
  • Industry + Competitive Research

Social Media + Digital Marketing

Tell your audience how you’re impacting the world and reinforce what you can do for them. Your audience cares less about you and more about what you can do for them. They need to hear it and see it multiple times. That’s why consistent, targeted, authentic content that attracts, engages and engages audiences is necessary. If it needs to be said, we write it. If it needs to be seen, we design it. If it needs to be heard, we create it.

  • Targeted Campaign Design
  • Organic Social Media Campaigns
  • Graphic Creation
  • Copy Creation
  • Content Distribution
  • Engagement Management
  • Target Audience Enhancement
  • Paid Social Media Campaigns
  • Metrics + Analytics Reports


Sometimes you don’t need a full-service agency you just need direction. We are a team of experts. As consultants, we help determine brand, marketing and communications strategy. We get to know your business – your wins, losses, struggles, products, offerings, audiences and goals. Then we direct you and your team on how to implement ongoing tactics that will help accelerate the realization of business.

  • Brand, Marketing & Communications Strategy Development
  • M&A Communications Planning
  • Communications SWOT Analysis
  • Third-Party Reference Development
  • Spokesperson Training
  • Strategic Directives
  • Ongoing Guidance and Counsel