• August 24, 2017

Telling Your Patient Story. That’s What We Do.

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Telling Your Patient Story. That’s What We Do.

Telling Your Patient Story. That’s What We Do.

By Stacey Holifield

Remember when we said we don’t do second best? We meant it.

Good is never enough. Yeah, we meant that too.

At Levitate, we work our butts off to do exceptional work. It isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. The time, effort, frustration, travel, late nights, early mornings, revisions, revisions, revisions… it all comes together to create something amazing. Something that makes us giddy with excitement and so proud we can’t wait to talk about it. That’s the kind of work we do.

What does great work look like? It looks like this.

As healthcare PR professionals, we talk about patients all the time and we never lose sight of the fact that patients are not numbers or statistics or facts. Patients are people; people who have often journeyed through intense, emotional, heartbreaking, difficult experiences that have shaped every aspect of their life.

The opportunity to tell a patient story, to capture the journey with authenticity, is truly an honor.

In recent months, we had the privilege of getting to know an incredible, strong, passionate woman—Kristen Linfante. Kristen received a BIOTRONIK pacemaker and welcomed us into her life to help share her story.

This is how storytelling should be done. If you need help telling a story, we should talk. Because every story that’s worth being told, is worth being told well.

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