• April 26, 2018

Why Do You Do It?

Why Do You Do It?


by Stacey Holifield

The other day I sat on a soft and cushy couch while a near stranger, that strangely knows as much about me as anyone does, asked what my purpose is.

His gaze held intently on me as the question echoed through my monkey mind, and the soft cushy couch started to swallow me.

I advocate for getting uncomfortable, pushing beyond boundaries and challenging the status quo. But I also empathize with the struggle of it. My role is to ASK the questions.

What’s your purpose? What’s the goal? Why are you doing what you do?

Those are MY questions.

Answering the questions…it’s uncomfortable.

But when we stop doing for the sake of doing, and take a moment to get uncomfortable and answer the questions, we give ourselves the opportunity to stretch. When we stretch we reach far and wide then return to a place of comfort that allows us to settle in and focus. With intention and purpose.

Purpose creates strength. When we know and communicate our purpose – personally and professionally – we stand on the foundation of our uniqueness and radiate strength.

That is where true success happens.

Dream big. Do bigger.

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