• September 19, 2016

We Got Uncomfortable. And It Was So Worth It.

We Got Uncomfortable. And It Was So Worth It.

We Got Uncomfortable. And It Was So Worth It.

By Stacey Holifield

Day in and day out life moves forward. Moment by moment. Breath by breath.

But some days aren’t exactly the same. Some days the moments are different. Our heart races. Life gets uncomfortable. We have to make a choice.


Take a deep breath. Push away from the discomfort. Go back to where we were before our heart started racing. Choose good enough.

Or pause.

Scrunch up our eyes while we breathe deep in the discomfort. Then move towards it. Heart racing. Questioning. Uncertainty. Sweaty palms. Nervous. Uncomfortable. That’s the path to something great.

The unknown, frustrating, questioning, mind-changing, incredibly vulnerable process of change has been happening at Levitate. It’s fantastically draining and completely, totally amazing.

Our New Brand

Today, we launch our new updated brand and website. Truly a labor of love. And compassion. We couldn’t have done it without the incredible, patient, talented team at Fallback Media. Together with these wonderful souls we’ve worked through ideas, revisions, frustrations, suggestions, clouds, moons, colors and countless requests for tiny littles changes that I know really take hours.

But today it’s all worth it. I couldn’t be more proud of this next step in the evolution of Levitate.

I’m so thrilled to share our new site and brand with you. It’s crisp, a little edgy and a lot direct. I love it. And I hope you do too.

This is a big part of the evolution that is happening at Levitate. But it’s only a part. There is so much more to come. So much more. And I can’t wait to share it with you. I’ve been on an incredible journey and it just keeps getting better. To wake up every day and live out my dream; it’s breathtaking and amazing beyond words. And it wouldn’t be happening without all of you…

Thank you to our incredible clients that trust us to push them through the discomfort to achieve greatness.

Thank you to our friends, families and supporters. The phone calls (that I never return), the text messages (that I never respond to), your reminders to breathe (that I never listen to)—it’s endless love and compassion that you give without judgement or expectation. It means the world to me.

Thank you to the one that inspires me to always appreciate this moment while working to achieve new levels of greatness every tomorrow.

And thank you to the great city of Fort Wayne. I love being a part of this incredible city and the momentum. The future is bright and I’m confident Levitate is making it even brighter.

I hope you will take a few moments and look around. Explore and engage. And talk to us. Let us know what you think.


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