• June 13, 2018

#GETUNCOMFORTABLE: Evolution in the Face of Change

#GETUNCOMFORTABLE: Evolution in the Face of Change

#GETUNCOMFORTABLE: Evolution in the Face of Change

by Mackenzie Mohr

Remember when we talked about purpose recently? Purpose creates strength. Purpose guides. But change still happens.

Sometimes change catches us by surprise. But if we pay attention, usually it’s been building momentum over time. Then the time arrives to pool all that momentum, embrace the opportunity and propel forward in a new direction.

That is exactly what we helped our client BlueWillow do last month.

Originally established as NanoBio, the biopharmaceutical company was primarily focused on topical skin applications for its patented nanotechnology platform. But over time, the company discovered tremendous opportunity to focus on vaccine development that could someday impact people—save and transform lives—on a global scale.

And so, with continued purpose, NanoBio became BlueWillow with a refocused effort to develop intranasal vaccines for respiratory and sexually transmitted infections.

The BlueWillow name is a salute to the company’s University of Michigan origins supported by the strength and protection of willow trees. A highly intentional brand shift, strategically aligned and forward-thinking. A natural, organic evolution.

With the evolved brand in place, the Levitate team got to work educating stakeholders through targeted media relations efforts.

The result? Clear, consistent messaging that informs key stakeholders of BlueWillow’s proven technology, unwavering leadership and aggressive goals. Take a look.

NanoBio reorganizes under BlueWillow name; raises $10mm in Series A round.
Scrip Pharma Intelligence

The company’s name also reflects its new move to a vaccine-focused company and commitment to advancing its latest intranasal technology to develop new vaccines for several respiratory and sexually transmitted diseases.

BlueWillow will continue to develop skin and wound treatments through partnerships and external collaborations under the NanoBio trademark.
Crain’s Detroit Business

BlueWillow’s resilience in a complex biotech market reminds us that purpose is what grounds us, but there is strength in swaying.

Is change building momentum in your organization? We’re here to help you get uncomfortable and embrace evolution—in the right way. Share your vision with us at dreambig@levitatenow.com.

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