• October 16, 2017

Be Brilliant: How to Communicate your Sparkle

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Be Brilliant: How to Communicate your Sparkle

Be Brilliant: How to Communicate your Sparkle

By Levitate Team

ADWEEK’s recent historical look at Swarovski details how the brand name has become synonymous with cut-glass crystals or, more simply put, sparkle. Who doesn’t love the brilliance of sparkle and the awesomeness of crystals? The words alone sound opulent and magnificent, so much so that crystals are often viewed as a gemstone similar to diamonds, adorning rings, chandeliers, gowns and more.

That’s impressive for a product that isn’t at all a gemstone. It isn’t even inherently valuable or rare. Crystals are simply manipulated glass cut in a way that creates super sparkle.

How did that happen? Robert Buchbauer, company leader and a great-great-grandson of Swarovski’s founder, said the core of their business today remains the same as it has since the beginning: provide a diamond for every woman.

Wait, what? Crystals aren’t diamonds. Not even close. Yet Swarovski positioned crystals as a more affordable diamond and created the opportunity and desire for sparkle like never before. They didn’t saddle crystals with cheap or cost-effective labeling. They focused on the benefits of the product—sparkle—and tapped into the needs and wants of the customer base.

Brilliance. Magic. Beauty. Sophistication.

Outstanding quality that ignites greater brilliance.

Since 1895, Swarovski has shared its mastery of light and sparkle with the world.

Now that’s influential messaging.

That’s how it works. The product Swarovski sells isn’t inherently valuable, but the way they’ve messaged their brilliant crystals has won the company global fame, fortune and respect. They recognized an audience and a desire, then spoke to the audience in a way that demonstrated a unique, beautiful AND attainable opportunity.

Swarovski created a brand that stands the test of time. Today, their tiny glass stones add value to almost any product, and have adorned iconic Hollywood glam like Dorothy’s slippers, Elvis’ stage costumes and Marilyn Monroe herself.

Remember, it isn’t enough to just talk. You have to give people a reason to listen. At Levitate, that’s what we do. We help companies effectively communicate brilliance and transform brands from good to great. It’s magical; even more magical and more brilliant than shiny cut glass.

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