• April 27, 2017

Leadership Lesson on Business Growth: Let Go and Hire Key Talent

Levitate Team business growth

Leadership Lesson on Business Growth: Let Go and Hire Key Talent

Leadership Lesson on Business Growth: Let Go & Hire Key Talent

By Stacey Holifield

I’ve always known that the key to successful business growth is letting go. It’s about finding people who are smarter than me in certain areas and bringing them on board to help build and expand Levitate in ways that I cannot possibly do alone.

The most important role I play as the leader of Levitate is talent management. I’m focused on building and retaining a phenomenal team that ensures our expanding roster of clients are always working with the best of the best. From strategic writing and media relations to social media and digital content development, Levitate is a team of talented, trustworthy, gritty, feisty, energetic, passionate people who are committed to creating and executing communication efforts that accelerate the success of our clients.

We are a collective. And the collective continues to evolve… Back in December, two incredible individuals joined the Levitate team.

A very overdue official introduction to Mackenzie Mohr and Ryan Black.

With a background in politics and B2B marketing communication, Mackenzie joined Levitate as an Account Manager. She’s like a mini-me, except significantly taller. She is a relentlessly hard-working type A, with grammar knowledge that frightens me a little bit. She works closely with our clients and internal team to make sure we stay focused on delivering results that matter. With Mackenzie on board as a client advisor, we’ve expanded our account work and positioned the company to continue our growth momentum.

We can’t be an effective communications partner to clients without digital, so I went out and found the best. Ryan packed his bags in Arizona last November and headed north to join the Levitate team. He’s a unique and talented gem with a background that spans digital content development for med device companies, political campaigns and even a feature-length film. I like to remind him that I actually majored in television production even though the best I can do now is stand in for executives and physicians while he focuses intently on perfecting lighting and angles. Ryan strategizes, creates, shoots and edits video, expanding Levitate’s digital content development offerings. If you are working with a PR agency or an in-house team that doesn’t offer digital, send us a note. We would love to help. Digital content is an absolute must-have these days to effectively connect with your audience.

And so the letting go continues… and with that, so does the growth. Welcome aboard Mackenzie and Ryan!

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