• August 17, 2018

How the Best Get Better

How the Best Get Better

How the Best Get Better

by Jessica Workman

To be the best, you have to prove it — right? You prove it through results. Maybe you produce great results for a client, your boss or even yourself. You feel like you’ve reached the top — you hit your goal.

But what you do after you think you’ve reached the best is a strong indicator as to whether or not you will see continued success. By all means celebrate your successes. But don’t get lost in the celebration and call it a day. Unless you didn’t really like being the best — because there is always someone out there trying to outdo you.

How do you stay ahead?

You take contentment, ball it up like your ex’s left behind clothes and throw it out the window. Instead of seeing end goals, see each goal as a necessary stepping stone to an even bigger goal. As we say at Levitate, dream big and do even bigger. Dream something up that scares you a little and excites you a lot. Then go for it. You’ll work hard and start achieving goals that will lead to bigger goals and different goals; goals that reflect who you are and the impact you want to have on the world around you. Keep going.

We get it, it’s easier said than done. It’s hard to perform at top notch levels all the time. To only ever produce something better than you have before isn’t the point. The point is that this mindset—work hard and be the best—is how success happens.

It takes mental grit, determination, open mindedness and getting comfortable with failure. Because let’s be real, none of us have a straight shot line to the top. It usually looks more like a connect the dots picture. When the dots have been connected by a two-year old.

A little messy. Smudged with sweat and probably a few tears. That’s what makes it beautiful. Work hard, be the best, always get better.

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