Maggie Emenhiser

Account Executive
Maggie at desk Levitate

Some people are detail-oriented; Maggie is detail obsessed. From developing influential content to interacting with media contacts, Maggie helps ensure our clients’ brands are never compromised. As an account executive, Maggie makes things happen for clients every single day. She knows that success requires hard work and she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. But she washes them immediately after. Detail obsessed. Prior to joining Levitate, Maggie developed expert communication skills in roles at the University of Saint Francis Fort Wayne and United Way of Allen County. She holds a bachelor’s in Communication from the University of Saint Francis.

Maggie's recent posts

media training
MEDIA TRAINING 101: #LIKEABOSS By Maggie Emenhiser One bobbled media interview can cause permanent damage to your reputation. But there’s ...
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communicate brand sparkle Levitate
Be Brilliant: How to Communicate your Sparkle By Maggie Emenhiser ADWEEK’s recent historical look at Swarovski details how the brand name has become synonymous with ...
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trade show booth
How to Make Your Trade Show Booth Unforgettable By Maggie Emenhiser Creating an unforgettable trade show booth is key to ...
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By Maggie Emenhiser Impressions. Schmimpressions. Who Cares? Measurement matters. We get that. In fact, we get that it more than matters ...
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